A PLAY EXPLOSION FOR ADULTS.... the woman thousands turn to, to remind them to play.

Today, right this minute, if someone said to you, “Go outside and play!” like your Mother used to, what would you do? Would you be stumped as to finding something to do? Do you remember how it felt to be free of any restraint that prevented you from going outside and finding a favorite pastime either by yourself or with friends? How long has it been since you felt that freedom? That uplifting sense of adventure and the “What if I do. . .” of life? Why does the word “play” stir up ambivalence?

Are we so programmed with “doing” that it is nearly impossible to just “be”? Why do we feel guilty even thinking about “playing” certain that we would only be wasting time because we have more important things to accomplish? As our society has become supposedly more sophisticated, we have left a trail of simple joys behind. I remember the neighborhood where I grew up and we played in all sorts of ways: board games, cards, “pretend,” camping, dress up, physical activities, such as riding bikes, skating, and so much more.

The most amazing thing that I realized later in life is that the whole neighborhood in its own way had participated in what we did. We had our own Neighbor Watch before it even became official! Because many mothers stayed at home during my childhood, they became the observers of their children and those in the neighborhood and got to passively play with us. Sometimes, they actively participated by playing “ball” with us or filling in as a player in various games. Families and neighbors were engaged with our play. But, it was unified play in the sense that seems to be lacking today. It was unstructured play where one played with those in the neighborhood; they didn’t have to be your “best friend.” You accepted those in your neighborhood simply because they lived in the neighborhood – no matter their color, race, religion. It did not require scooting your child in the car and driving five miles to gather a kid to bring home for your child to have playtime. So where does that leave us? Times have changed and as important as it is to socialize with others, we have learned that the ability to do so comes from within. Since everything is energy and we are the creators of our own lives, it is essential that we begin to understand that life is meant to be enjoyed and not turned into the drudgery that most of us make it into. In The Play Book, you will realize the importance of play and what that playful energy creates, not only for you, but those around you for energy is infinite.

Darlene Navarre, the author of this “must read” book is someone very special. I was instantly drawn to her when I met her. She is beautiful in all ways with clear, intelligent blue eyes that light up when speaking to you. Without using words, like a fairy god mother, she made me believe in possibilities and the idea that if I shifted my energies, my dreams would come true. She has a mischievous smile that fills her face when she says, “What if you switched it to…” and suddenly you see how that idea becomes special and whatever concern you are working on seems effortless now. She is the Lady of Play who makes you want to run to get paper and crayons out to draw funny pictures to hang on the refrigerator just like yesteryear.

Darlene is a gift to us all and once you read her delightful, life-changing book, you will understand just how much of a gift she is. Darlene leads us through her stories and some of the stories of others showing us how important it is to shift our thoughts and conduct of how we spend our time to always include “play” and the positive energy that creates. This book is filled with ideas of many ways that we can have fun that most of us have forgotten or left by the wayside. More importantly, she reminds us and explains how that positive energy brings back to us the things that we want to manifest in our lives. All good things are waiting for us to claim them and it is possible to do so with a little guidance and understanding of how we can create the energy that allows us to receive them. Darlene shares with us step by step how to do this. Her book is a marvel allowing us to view life differently that will bring you joy, laughter, a sense of wellbeing, a direction for individual and collective success and a renewal in the goodness of life. Once you read this exceptional book, you will be able to allow yourself to be silly and vulnerable as a human being and simply have fun. So keep reading her book as I have done; see for yourself. In other words, “Tag! You’re it!” (See what I mean).
Joan Peck


Creative purpose and driving obsession with play will inspire you and remind you of how n life can really be! She continues to be an example of how “playing” can improve your health, support you to feel more joyful, and live a more fulfilling life easily just by following your bliss. Her playful approach has already inspired thousands and continues to touch the lives of those she meets daily.

As the mother of 5 children, she has a genuine love of people of all ages! You automatically feel her joy and caring nature from the moment she greets you with her great big smile and loving eye contact. Many have expressed how she is able to bring out the best in them because she practices seeing and believing in the best of them. She is a friend to all and strongly believes that “Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet!” and you feel this from the second you talk with her because you instantly feel like her best friend.

For the past 21 years, Darlene has continually studied and researched health, wellness and the “power of one” ability to heal yourself. After spending the 1990s playing in the
fitness industry, personal training, and instructing playful Spin Classes, she turned to the food and diet platform. She took her love of cooking and transformed herself into a fresh
raw food chef. Due to the lack of Living and Raw Foods education available at the time, she started her own successful Raw Food preparation education classes called “Keep It
Simple Sweetie, Just Play With Your Food”. Later, she went on to own and operate The Garden Spot, a private raw food catering service. By popular demand she began personal
one-on-one health coaching and launched www.Raw-Food- in 2009, a free on-line health resource to share raw food recipes, inspiring others to start playing with fresh foods and become healthy in the process.

Taking play from the kitchen to all areas of health and happiness, Darlene was moved to create GoPlazy Inc, a playfully fun, experiential company dedicated to providing Play hoppes (workshops) designed to inspire and remind women and men to play again! Those who find themselves unhappy, stressed and bored find laughter, joy and fun at a
Play Shoppe. After all, every day in every way there is alwaysan opportunity to play is the motto she practices and leads others to strive for daily.

Darlene’s philosophies include creating your life on purpose, living passionately and feeling “Fantabulous” as much as possible. She has discovered that this continues to attract
more of all the good stuff we all want. Her specialty is creative expression by being fun and flirting with the Universe and everyone in it. In her playful approach, she has uncovered
the benefits of true health, wellness, wealth and deep meaning of this human experience we are all in. . . sit back,relax, have fun and Go Play!
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