“Darlene is a a one of those people that loves life. I believe she wants to share the joy she feels. Through teaching play she shares this love and joy. This book will allow the rebirth of the child in us  all to play again!”
-Mischelle Ellis Farnsworth, Registered Nurse, Salt Lake City, UT

Play Is The New Way, by Darlene Navarre, presents playful ideas, concepts and the Play Movement, to support and inspire you to easily release stress and connect to your inner desires by reconnecting with your inner child to create the life of your dreams.

As you read through this book, you will be reminded of what you already know deep inside - that life is suppose to be fun! You will learn how to take whatever you are currently doing, add the element of play and easily release stress, worry and doubt and become healthier, wealthier and internally joyful.

You deserve to have it all, to love what you do and do what you love; to have amazing loving relationships; to be rich, and to have, be and do anything and everything you desire. This book will show you how to stop all the madness and instead Go Play


“Hey you! The one standing there like a deer in the headlights. All because someone asked you what you enjoy doing. Blinking like that because you forgot. Because you’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else.  Don’t worry, now. Mama Darlene has got you covered. She’s here to re-introduce you to the world of fun. That world you inhabited when you were young. Before all those responsibilities. Remember? Run along now.  It’s time to play. Go on. It’s ok.”
-Ann Sheybani, founder of Starting Over, and author of Things Mama Never Taught Me, Canton, Connecticut


Are you living your life on empty, half full with just enough to get by or over flowing with fun and possibilities?

There are times in our lives when we decide that “good enough” is no longer enough and we may even begin to ask ourselves questions like, “Is this all there is in life?” This restlessness is good as it generally causes a conscious shift or an awakening and reconnection to your spiritual self. Of course, you instinctively know there is more to and in life. . .a lot more, and you have the opportunity to have, do and be more! And you deserve to have it all!


"I love this book so much my inner child is jumping around ready to play! Everyone in the world has an inner children waiting for this book."
-Anusuya A. Goldbrunner, Primary School Teacher and Social Education Worker, Freibery, Sachsen, Germany

The purpose of this simple little play book is to easily and simply inspire an awakening and understanding for you to live your life to the fullest, have FUN and PLAY along the way! You have the right to claim what you really want and desire! You deserve not to “work hard” but instead to Play More! This is not to say you may not spend hours a day on a project, book or job. You probably will. The difference will be that you will have fun and feel good or even great doing it.

“If you like the works of Abraham-Hicks, Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages), Steve Pavlina, or Sark, then there’s a good chance you will absolutely LOVE Play Is The New Way. This delightful book provides an abundance of playful ideas and concepts I had never thought of before! I plan to keep rereading this book for inspiration to play and celebrate as often as possible.”
-Phoenix Littlefoot Huber, Phoenix, AZ

We all have the desire to make a difference, take action, to do, be and want more for ourselves and others. Even if each of us had all the money in the world, we would still want to contribute and to live our lives giving to others, and receiving in return.

“This book will resonate with anyone lucky enough to read it. Darlene took the simple and transformed it into a tool that makes so much sense.”
-Dan Olivas, Real Estate Broker at Dan Olivas and Associates El Paso, TX

Enjoy your life and live each day to the fullest and funnest degree! The ups and downs are all part of the ride. Your destination is just to ride the next ride. So have fun and play along the way!

"Darlene's book has transformed my life in a deep and magical way.  My new and improved playful attitude enabled me to attract opportunities, relationships, health and even money that wouldn't have come into my life otherwise!"
-Karen Bell, KtotheB.com, London, On, Canada

My final thought is a selfish one. I hope that in some way as you read and internalize the words within Play Is The New Way, you are inspired in some way to have fun and play more. Please pass along this inspiration and play with another today and every day. My favorite thing in life is to play, inspire others to play and to witness others at playing. There is something magical, even spiritual, when people laugh, have fun and are truly enjoying themselves.

“Darlene Navarre has brilliantly extracted mind fullness virtues in a simple non diluted language. A language that is concise yet flows when you engage in the lessons provided in this new life science manual towards embracing the mind set of integration for self from self! A great way to abandon fears by empowering the reader to challenge the most insidious robber of joy our old patterns and belief! I feel lighter each day!!”
-Tom Shiffer, Owner/CEO Grey Block Pizza, Los Angeles, CA

From the bottom of my heart and soul, I invite you to support this movement of Play and in turn support yourself by creating a world in which we are all pretending, laughing and playing again. We all have the opportunity to create a fun-filled day and your fun and enjoyment will naturally inspire others, I promise.
“Darlene Navarre lives and breathes inspiration so it is only fitting that she would end up writing one of the most wonderfully inspiring books the world has ever seen. It is my absolute honor and privilege to know this amazing woman and to have read 'The Play Book' and received the gifts it contains is beyond fabulous. This is a book that deserves to take its place among the greats, among the titles by Louise Hay, Kathy Freston and other inspirational woman of our time. Darlene Navarre is up there with them and I couldn't be happier for her and for everyone who has the privilege of spending some time with her in the pages of this book.”  Alison Andrews from alison-andrews.com
You DO make a difference. You are amazing, special and perfect! You are a part of everyone and everything else. When just a few of us start playing and having fun in life every day in every way possible, others will follow. Come on, let’s play Tag, Follow-the-Leader or simply Make Believe. There are so many ways you can spread PLAY around the world!

“Stress is inevitable, but how that stress affects our lives is our choice. In her delightful book, Play is the New Way, Darlene Navarre gives us enlightened insight into the new rules of the game of life and how to ‘play’ in order to achieve an unequaled level of success and happiness. She explores many facets of day-to-day life and shows us how to find joy and inner peace even when dealing with obstacles. This book is very enjoyable to read and offers practical advice for living a happier life.”
—Judi Moreo, author, You Are More Than Enough and Overcoming Cancer: A Journey ofFaith

If you are truly ready to attract the best health, the most abundant wealth and by internally joyful then go buy Play Is The New Way!

“From the moment I heard the title, Play Is The New Way, I knew this book was the perfect book being released at the perfect time in human evolution. After reading it, the only thing I can say is ‘WOW’! It is so much more than a reminder of everything we know in our hearts to be true about life, but it opens the door and gives us permission to look at everything in life as an opportunity to play. Darlene set out to delete the word ‘work’ from our vocabulary and instead
sprinkle fun into our thoughts and actions. She will do that for all who open this book. Even if you think you are doing that, Darlene has expanded this concept for everyone and holds a huge piece of the puzzle for a new and more PLAYFUL WORLD.”
—Regina Rose Murphy, The Exclusive Gift Of Tragedy

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